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Air dried apple slices.

  • 100% natural fruit free from additives such as sulphites, citric and ascorbic acid, syrup or vegetable oil. Gluten free, suitable for vegans
  • Dried not fried or baked – careful sourcing and processing to preserve their nutritional values
  • Made in Greece from fresh seasonal produce
  • A low calorie, tasty and nutritious pack with no preservatives and no added sugar, perfect for all occasions
  • Dried using renewable energy sources – minimal impact to the environment

Ingredients: 100% Apples | Nutritional Information


Air dried apple rings with authentic taste. All natural, make a healthy and tasty snack for kids and adults. They are rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body and contribute to a healthy and balanced diet as one serving (25g) contains about 75 calories and 2.6 grams of fiber. Our tasty sliced apples with no additives are perfect for work, outdoor activities, pre- and post-workout. They are also an ideal ingredient in a variety of cooking recipes.  Ready to enjoy them topping yogurt at breakfast, a salad or as a snack to keep your energy up between meals. Our apples are air dried at low temperatures to preserve their nutritional values using renewable energy sources for minimal impact to the environment. Gluten free and suitable for Vegans.

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